JS Hardware, registered as Jiangsu ShuangHui Power Development Co., Ltd. in China was founded in 1974.  The company is completely privately owned, and is the largest Chineese manufacturer of hardware, fittings and accessories for high voltage transmission lines and substations.

At JS Hardware, there is an experienced R&D team  with industry well-recognized design tools, especially for new materials, new product structure and production engineering.

JS Hardware designed and supplied hardware/fittings and accessories for the first AC 750kV, 1000kV, DC800kV transmission line and substation in China, like 1000kV Changjiang River Crossing project which has a span more than 5500 feet.

Up to now, the total length of 500kV transmission line JS Hardware has served in China and worldwide is approx. 4200 miles. JS Hardware still proudly keeps ZERO failure rates record so far.

JS Hardware is located in Jiangdu city, Jiangsu province and one hour drive to provincial capital Nanjing City and three hours drive to Shanghai.

JS Hardware Facts:

Founded in 1974
No. of Employees: 485.
Revenue in 2009: US$45 millions

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